We live for this stuff.
Geeks? Yes, kind of, but so much more.

Small Axe Studios is an enthusiastic group of time-tested designers, technologists, content creators, project managers,
and a handsome German Shepherd.

Who we are.

We pride ourselves on making you look good.


Lead Developer


Video / Effects


Chief Strategist


Content Director / Principal


Esteemed Intern


Project Manager


Senior Technologist


Security Specialist


Business Development


Lead Editor


Small Axe Studios delivers design with a meaning. Nothing convoluted, rather distilled , clean, design which speaks to your audience. Good design is a universal language that not everyone speaks, but all should understand.


OODA. Observe, Organize, Decide, Act.
Successfully designed projects are that simple with Small Axe Studios. We listen, ask questions, use our collective experience, and deliver solutions which resonate and succeed.


Moving at the speed of, well, technology. The programming of last week is no longer useful, do you know what to do? We do. Thanks to the wide knowledge base of the Small Axe Studios team and constantly training on new technologies, we are well equipped to produce across all platforms.


If you don't market, your product dries on the vine. Small Axe Studios knows that listening to your end goals and customizing a plan to suit your needs and budget is paramount. We produce effective marketing plans including social media, advertising, SEO, industry events, and valuable partnerships.

How we work.

1 Small Axe Studios provides proven expertise and experience in supporting creative communications efforts, so we can provide immediate value with little to no ramp-up. We pride ourselves on the value of our services, and closely monitor costs to ensure that we continue to provide an outstanding value to our clients.

2 Our clients all receive success-based methodologies, tools, and procedures proven in other business support and design engagements. Our team members have time-tested capabilities in their particular fields namely: design, web development, print production, publication design, photography, illustration, art direction, and brand development, and social media (to name a few).

3 Small Axe Studios reduces risk to our clients with a detailed review and approval process at each stage of the design project. We are creative, but we ain't crazy. Planning and monitoring each projects progress is essential to delivering a successful final product. Adhering to our prescribed processes allows us to as creative as we want without risk to our valued clientel.