small axe studios

Long Live Print. Print is Dead. Ok, not really.

Who likes reading an iPad in the bathroom, I mean really. Enough said.

Magazines may be the only printed material which will survive the need to digitize everything. Think about it, magazines are cool online, I agree, but… you can’t leave your laptop/notebook/iPad/phone behind or pass it along. Nope. With an online magazine subscription, you need to send a link and often the recipient has to subscribe or only view a teaser portion of content. Ever tried tipping a fragrance sample into a website? No. Technology isn’t there — yet. Smellavision is probably just around the corner, but we’re talking about today’s real needs. Grinding the small axe on the other side, you can’t easily insert a video into a magazine without including a dvd or thumb drive premium. There are merits of both mediums with which we could fill pages/terabytes.

Print should well survive, but I think we can agree that it’s business model and technological framework will be as ever changing as the digital landscape.